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A powerful, affordable BI tool supporting integrated analysis & budgeting


"My client loves Info-Explorer. In their words, it has them purring like a kitten."


Info-Explorer Features

Available features vary based on Info-Explorer Edition. See the edition guide below, and edition-specific pages, for details.

Data Sources & Processing

  • Fed from your SQL & ODBC database, with background in-memory processing
  • Include data from multiple compatible databases, e.g. ERP and CRM
  • Incorporate user-defined calculations
  • Work online or offline
  • Export views to Microsoft Excel®, CSV or HTML
  • Security options to protect your data

Slice & Dice Analysis

  • Change dimensions (e.g. product, customer, region, period, employee) for clearer insight
  • Dynamically control your view, filter your data, add and remove facts and dimensions
  • Drill through to compatible source systems for more information
  • Roll up and consolidate to focus on high-level results

Presentation & Personalization

  • Create and save multiple views, and convert to charts
  • Create your own dashboards, highlighting exceptions and trends
  • Apply your own formatting styles, e.g. 'traffic light' reporting
  • Personalize, e.g. use custom styles to highlight amended data

Budgeting Features

The Writeback edition lets you use the same interface for analysis and budgeting:

  • Budget beyond General Ledger level
  • Build budgets bottom-up or top-down
  • Insert a budget total and let Info-Explorer populate the build-up
  • Adjust budgets using multiple spread methods
  • Maintain multiple budget versions
  • Write budget data back to your compatible database
  • Combine actual and budget data for forecasting

Sample Cubes included

Use them to simplify getting started, or as a base for creating your own cubes. Sample Cubes are available for:

Spire - selected modules: AR, AP, GL, OE and PO

Sage 300:

  • Selected core modules
  • US & Canadian Payroll
  • Orchid Extender, RMA, Bin Tracking
  • Budgeting

Other selected 3rd Party products

Use Case Examples

  • Analyze sales by customer, salesperson or item
  • Compare sales for a given period with budget, then pull in specific regions, employees or products to better understand the data
  • Calculate commissions - (see our Protect-A-Bed case study)
  • Budget by project code
  • Insert a budget total and let Info-Explorer populate the build-up
  • Compare sales for a customer to their cases in CRM

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Upcoming Events

TPAC 2024
TPAC 2024 North America

TPAC, the premier annual showcase of 3rd Party products that work with Sage 300, is returning to its traditional home in Vancouver for its 21st Anniversary event.

When: March 24-26, 2024
Where: Hyatt Regency, Vancouver

We'll be there, as always! Click through to the TPAC site for the latest information.

TPAC 2024 Southern Africa
TPAC 2024 Southern Africa

TPAC, the premier showcase for Sage 300 3rd Party products, is returning to South Africa, this time in the spectacular Drakensberg region! Look out for the Orchid Stand.

When: April 11-14, 2024
Where: Champagne Sports Resort

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Spire Partner Conference 2024
Spire Partner Conference 2024

We'll be returning to this year's Spire Partner Conference as an exhibitor. Look out for the Orchid stand!

When: May 28-30, 2024
Where: Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, Canada

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