Info-Explorer Writeback

Turn your BI analysis tool into an affordable, fully integrated analysis & budgeting solution

"With the Writeback edition, our virtual team can collaborate efficiently to create granular budgets"

All the benefits of Info-Explorer Writeback & Budgeting

  • Analyze business performance or prepare detailed budgets and forecasts, using the same tool
  • Budget with greater insight & detail, combining both actual and budget data
  • The familiarity of a spreadsheet-type layout, but without the limitations of spreadsheets
  • Collaborative budgeting: distribute spreadsheets to gather data, then write the results back to your database

Info-Explorer Writeback Features

Includes all Standard Edition Features

  • Create your own cubes, or modify the Sample Cube queries.
  • Slice & dice analysis
  • Drill through to compatible source systems
  • Export cube data to Microsoft Excel®, CSV or HTML
  • Create traffic lights, charts, dashboards etc.
  • See the Edition Overview for more features

Writeback Function

  • Save cube data back to your source database.
  • Ideally suited to managing budgets and forecasts.

Integrated Budgeting

  • Budget bottom-up or top-down.
  • Update budget data through Analysis Interface
  • Insert a budget total and let Info-Explorer populate the build-up
  • Maintain multiple budget versions
  • Supports multiple spread methods

Scenario Example (Sage 300)

  1. Use the Optional Tables Spreadsheet Add-in to build a detailed bottom-up budget at the level you need (e.g. Customer & Item rather than just GL level). Store it in an Optional Table 'Infoset' within the Sage 300 database.
  2. Pull both the Optional Tables budget data and Sage 300 actual sales data into an Info-Explorer cube. Perform slice and dice analysis.
  3. Within the cube, make a top-down budget adjustment, using a spread formula to apply the change to Customer and Item budgets.
  4. Use Info-Explorer’s write-back feature to update both the Sage 300 GL budget and the Optional Tables detailed budget fields.


  • Info-Explorer requires Microsoft.NET Framework 4 and a supported version of Windows.
  • Info-Explorer is licensed per PC.
  • Sage 300: Users do not need to be logged into Sage 300 or need LanPaks unless they drill through to Sage 300 data-entry screens from the cube.
  • Optional Tables (for Sage 300) is sold and licenced separately to Info-Explorer (as part of Orchid's Information Manager suite).

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