Case Studies

These are just some examples of how businesses around the world are using Info-Explorer

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I love Info-Explorer, and use it every day!
Paramed Specialties quickly found Info-Explorer to be intuitive, versatile, and powerful, saving hours of work.
Info-Explorer helps RWC to focus on helping those in need
With many programs running simultaneously, and ever more stringent reporting and transparency requirements, managing budgets with spreadsheets was no longer sustainable for Rexdale Women's Centre. Info-Explorer helped them to regain control, and focus on their clients.
Protect-A-Bed use Orchid’s Info-Explorer and Process Scheduler for tailored sales reporting, and dramatically improve the efficiency of commission payment runs
Protect-A-Bed's salespeople needed a tool to help them analyse their customers’ history, predict future needs, and prepare for meetings. They also needed to find a more efficient way of calculating commissions. Orchid's Info-Explorer and Process Scheduler came to the rescue.
Orchid’s Info-Explorer helps DES find the way forward
DES chooses Orchid’s Info-Explorer as an easy to use reporting tool for Sage 300, able to ‘slice and dice’ data in many ways and meet various departments' requirements with ease. It had the flexibility for new structures and reports to be developed as DES grew.