Info-Explorer Lite

A free version of Orchid's powerful Business Intelligence tool

"We're discovering the benefits of Info-Explorer, at our own pace, without any commitment"

Discover the benefits or Info-Explorer for free, at your own pace

  • A working version of Info-Explorer (with some features disabled)
  • Load your own data into our pre-configured sample cubes
  • No cost, and no time limit on your use of the Lite edition
  • The familiarity of a spreadsheet-type layout, without the limitations
  • Slice & dice within a single cube, drill-through to selected databases
  • Upgrade to the Standard or Writeback editions for additional features

Info-Explorer Lite Features (& limitations)

Data Sources & Processing

  • Cubes are fed from your own database
  • Background in-memory processing for speed
  • Works online or offline
  • Security options to keep your data secure

Slice & Dice Analysis

  • Change dimensions (e.g. product, customer, region, period, employee) for clearer insight
  • Identify trends or exceptions
  • Dynamically control your view, filter your data, add and remove facts and dimensions
  • Drill through to selected data entry screens for more information
  • Roll up and consolidate to focus on high-level results

Presentation & Personalization

  • Create and save multiple views, and convert to charts
  • Create your own dashboards, highlighting exceptions and trends
  • Create your own formatting styles to highlight results, e.g. 'traffic light' reporting
  • Personalize, e.g. use custom styles to highlight amended data

Lite Edition Limitations

To enable the following features you'll need to upgrade from Lite to a full Info-Explorer licence:

  • Use 'Create Cube'
  • Amend the cube SQL query
  • View more than one query cube at a time
  • Export result sets to Excel, CSV or HTML
  • Use Writeback

Upgrade Options

Upgrade to a full Info-Explorer licence to take advantage of additional features.

  • Info-Explorer Standard lets you create new cubes, edit cube queries, view multiple cubes and export cube data
  • Info-Explorer Writeback supports integrated top-down or bottom-up budgeting, with multiple spread methods, and writeback to selected databases

Getting started with Info-Explorer Lite

  • Download Info-Explorer from the Product Downloads page. (You will be asked to provide your details.)
  • Run the downloaded EXE file to install. This will start a 30 day trial period.
  • Explore our Sample Cubes and download those you would like to try.
  • Browse the Info-Explorer Online Help for user instructions and guides, including selected videos.
  • Request an Activation Code to continue using beyond 30 days. (See Online Help Getting Started for details.)
  • If you'd like to upgrade to a full licence (Standard or Writeback), contact your Sage Solution Provider.

Watch this video to get off to a Quick Start...

  • Download & Install Info-Explorer
  • Download Sample Cubes, and refresh cube data
  • Slice & dice, filter & sort
  • Add charts & dashboards
  • Drill down & drill through
  • Understand the different Info-Explorer editions


My client loves Orchid Info-Explorer. In their words, it has them ‘purring like a kitten'.


Orchid Info-Explorer is the most rewarding query-based analytical tool for today's business controllers.




  • Info-Explorer requires Microsoft.NET Framework 4 and a supported version of Windows.
  • Info-Explorer is licensed per PC.
  • Sage 300: Users do not need to be logged into Sage 300 or need LanPaks unless they drill through to Sage 300 data-entry screens from the cube.